Monday, September 1, 2014

Montana Pals and Places

September is here and we are into our last weeks in beautiful Montana.  It has been a pretty delightful summer for us here in Maxville, Montana, with our old friends, Harold and Sherry and Tom.  The weather has been pretty good with plenty of rain to hold down the fire danger and keep the hills green.  We have some delightful mountain ranges to enjoy.

We enjoyed a wedding at Garry's ranch for his partner, Debbie's daughter.  You may recall that it is Garry's fault for me finding Montana as he invited my brother and myself to go elk hunting way back in 1981.  I haven't missed a summer yet to return to Montana to enjoy great people, scenery and recreational opportunities.

Garry is known for his black stetsons all his ranching career.  But a wedding calls for a  more formal white stetson and boots.  Pretty sharp!!
The family dogs, Tara and Chaser, have been good companions and they seem to know to come on over to our picnic table for dinner morsels like a nice t-bone!!

There are several sculptures in Dillon, Montana. This is the latest featuring a cowboy watering his horse by using  his stetson for a pail for the horse to drink from.
 Near Drummond, are three remaining old houses from the days when "New Chicago" was the busy town in the area for ranchers and cattle shipping.  There are several old ghost towns in the area from better ranching and mining days.

 We had snow late August which only helped the beauty of the old "Mule Ranch" down the  highway from Anaconda to Wisdom that I travel often to get to the Big Hole River.  This spread was used for mining mules to recuperate from working in the terrible mine air pollution  when copper mining was king in Butte and Anaconda early in the 1920's.  Much pollution was caused to the streams and soil by bad mining practices.
 We had a beautiful sunset the other evening.  "Red skies at night, fisherman's delight" I hope!  Goat Mountain to our east also lights up nicely in the setting sun.

 I hope winter doesn't come until October when we are out of here.  Storms have been blowing up pretty frequently of late with snow over 6600' and rain in the valleys.

It has also been a good year for wildlife viewing this summer which I will share with you next as well as my trout successes after that.  TROUT


  1. Wow, what beautiful country. So happy you enjoyed your summer but know how eager you are to get to Phoenix and settle in. How was the fishing, Trout?

    1. The Trout will report soon on his fishing in Montana. Stayed tuned.....

  2. Montana looks absolutely beautiful. Wow! I know you have really enjoyed your stay there- The weather looks stunning too-


  3. I have never been to Montana but I can tell you that it is now on my list! What beautiful country. Looks as though the weather is just about may be a bit warmer in Phoenix! :-)

  4. Montana is such a beautiful place. What a fun time you've had this year. I hope it doesn't snow before you leave either.

  5. Makes me want to go to Montana. Lovely photos!

  6. Looks like you've had a good summer. Gary looks like a rancher to me.

  7. Lovely all around! great photos

    If you could just send some of that cooler weather back to the west. 96 F again tomorrow and Friday and hoping/praying for some cooler temps here.

    so good to "see" you! ;)

  8. Spectacular sunset!! blessings ~ tanna

  9. Great overview of your time here in beautiful Montana Trout. Your photos were stunning btw. Enjoyed sharing dinner with you guys and having the change to catch up. Safe travels and enjoy your new place called, "home", see ya next summer!!!