Friday, September 20, 2013

Montana 2013 - Part 3 - Beautiful Creations

I love to take pictures of my fish trophies (at least trophies to me!).  One fish is never the same as another in color, at least  it seems.  Kind of a remarkable feature of wild life.  These are examples of a rainbow, brown trout of various colors, a gorgeous brook trout and a nice cutthroat.
A nice purple sided rainbow

An almost black Brown

A dandy gold toned Brown

A light hued Brown
Colorful dark Brookie

Note the red slash on the Cutthroat

Thanks, my trout friends, for letting me win this battle for a photo opportunity at least.

And then a chance picture of other animals so cute.

The neighbor's dog, Bailey, has been a pal for 3 years now.  She loves to come around with a ball or pine cone to go fetch for as long as we can last.  She is a very smart dog and we will miss her plenty.

Bailey the Catcher

Bun was usually in our yard early in the morning for a nosh.

"Tons of Fun Bun" in our yard
I came across Mama Mulie having a bite of tender shrub leaves before heading to the creek for a drink.

Mama Mulie having a nosh

There are many forms of beauty in our world thanks to God's hand.  For me, His wildlife creations are some of the most beautiful to me.  Thanks for watching, The Trout


  1. Great photos, especially the brownie. Looks like you had a great time this summer. Bye Bailey. See you next time.

    Have a safe drive home.

  2. Love all the different trout photos_ had no idea there were so many. Gorgeous! and what's not to love about Bailey? :)

    Safe travels, and thanks for taking us along to Montana. Sure hope your visit was good as always.

  3. Nice shots of the local fauna. My trout shots would likely be on a plate after being rolled in cornmeal and pan-fried. I used to fish with an old guy who said the trout wouldn't bite at my bait because I had that "damned hungry look on my face." He may have been right.

  4. Great photos, and it sounds like you've had a great summer also. Bailey looks like the border collie we had on the farm when I was growing up. Smart dog for sure! Thanks for all the Montana shots!

  5. Looks like you and Susan had a lot of fish on the menu this summer - delicious and very healthy!

  6. Lovely photos! Reminds me of a summer, long, long, ago, when we camped near St. Croix/Taylor Falls and were near a trout hatchery. I took my little daughters every day to look at the beautiful fish. They were almost two and four at the time and they are 36 and 38 now! The memories are wonderful and so is the present. Have a safe enjoyable journey back to Florida!

  7. Wow, you've caught quite an amazing stash! It's so cool that you've gotten pictures of them. I love that each area of our country offers such a unique and beautiful display of God's creation. I think Montana must surely be some of His favorite work. :)

  8. What marvelous photos, Susan and Trout. Love the gold trout!

  9. You can't get fresher than this. Great pics.

  10. All beauties ;) What a great Summer experience have a safe trip home ;)

  11. Will definitely be sharing this post with Kent! Great pics, what a great summer.

  12. What a beautiful place! The trout are amazing and it must have been a thrill to catch each one of them. How fun to see wildlife in your front yard. In Florida it's just crocodiles,isn't