Friday, September 13, 2013

Montana 2013 - Part 1 - Sadness!

 We lost our Montana sister, Alvina Lundgren who died July 2nd before we arrived.  She was much loved by her husband, Harold  of 60+years and family and many friends.  It was Harold and her invitation to fish their property many years ago that later developed to our parking our trailer on the family land and spending many great days and meals with them. She loved the great outdoors with Harold and was proud of Harold getting his biggest Elk ever last fall after 60 years of hunting. She will be missed by all including her little Misty who seems to be praying for her return.

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Susan, Alvina and Harold 

Harold's 6x6 elk

Little Misty - "Where's Mom?"

Unfortunately, Montana had a poor snow pack this winter and less than needed rain fall this spring and summer.  This led to very poor stream flows and needed closures and restrictions to help save the trout.
I always carry extra suntan lotion to coat the trout's back while they rested in too shallow water.  This sign is known as  "Hoot Owl" restrictions when a stream is closed from 2pm to midnight when the water is warmest from the hot afternoon sun.

Probably the worst blow fishing wise for me, was the addition of that dreaded "Posted" and "No Trespassing" signs that popped up on two of my favorite streams that I fished every year since coming out here.    In 30 years of fishing in SW Montana, I have only been turned down two times by landowners  to fish their streams.  I can somewhat understand the closures as a farm land owner myself way back, but I am hoping the streams would remain open for every one's enjoyment.

Some rich stroke bought 9,000 acres on Rock Creek that was previously open to all fisherman.  I guess if I spent the rumored $9.2 million,  I might be  a little defensive myself but come on, a few fisherman a year would not have caused any harm. He is not the most liked man in Montana these days by many of us!!
Buddy B "Fishhog" Cyr on the Rock
 The worst blow was to see Big Sheep Creek by Dell, Montana, locked up by the California owners ,after the former owner-caretaker left the property.  This was my favorite stream of all that I have fished from Austria to Alaska over the years, with great water, eager fish and a butt high stream bank just right for taking a sit down break.  We will try to reach the owners to see if we can get in again.  The only good thing of losing this stream is that I will shed less tears when leaving Montana.

Trout in the Big Sheep valley

Big Sheep was named for the nice herd of Big Horn Sheep that live in the valley.  They come down to the stream to drink each day. Hard to see but this is Dad, Mom and baby heading back up the valley.

A family of sheep crossing road
 To avoid sheep-car crashes, crossing signs have been placed for signalling when the sheep are crossing. They are so smart to push a button before crossing to activate the blinking light to warn oncoming drivers!!

Crossing light to warn drivers!
 Fortunately, I have been welcomed by other landowners to fish their streams for which I am most grateful.  I just hope we get a good snow pack and plenty of spring rain for next year. 

Thanks, Pat,for allowing me to fish your Flint Creek

The Trout


  1. So sorry for all the losses you mention in this post.......But glad that you are still having good fishing....

  2. Oh my, how disappointing this summer was for you...losing a dear friend and favorite is so difficult to try to understand and adjust to all of the changes...we had similar experiences in Oregon this summer....such memories and new ones to come...

  3. Looks like you still had a pretty good trip, despite the losses. Lovely pictures!

  4. So sad about losing your friend. My heart goes out to you both.

    Looks like there is great fishing there. Hope the streams will continue to be open for all.

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  6. I took my first trip to Montana about 10 years ago and was smitten the minute I crossed state lines. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friend; how wonderful that a introduction to fish the property hooked cherished new friends. Hopefully the well-heeled newcomer will learn the ways of Big Sky Country and share the streams that call us all to catch the big one.

  7. Sorry about the loss of your friend and your favourite fishing spots. Hopefully next year will be better. Have a good week Diane

  8. So sorry to hear about the death of your dear friend.